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Learn to use Destiny Quest

Learn to use Destiny Quest

Author: connie jones

My objective is to show students step by step how to search for books and build a lists they may be interested in reading.

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1.  Search the TOP TEN:  On this page you will find your top 10 books.

   A.  Each will show you if the book is IN.  Click on the book you are interested in.  This will give you a description and if you are interested in reading this book you can ADD to MY LIST  for later.

2.  Check out NEW ARRIVALS:  Follow same instructions as A.

3.  Check out PUBLIC LISTS: Here you will find different choices.  Click on TEXAS BLUE BONNET 2014-2015.

Click on the book you might be interested in.  Here you will find the description, additional info you may sometimes find electronic resources, Quiz Number, Points, Reading Level and etc.