Learning about 2-Sample T-Tests with Guitar Hero

Learning about 2-Sample T-Tests with Guitar Hero


-Demonstrate how to compare independent means using a 2-sample t-test
-Review assumptions and conditions
-Present how to calculate the p-value from the t-distribution using the appropriate degrees of freedom using a graphing calculator

This learning packet will demonstrate how to perform a 2-sample t-test to determine if there is a significant difference between two independent quantitative variables. In this experiment, we will be testing if there is a significant difference in gender ability on Wii's Guitar Hero.

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Introduction to Psychology

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Background Knowledge

Central Limit Theorem


Hypothesis Testing

Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis

Interpreting p-values

Student's t-distributions and degrees of freedom

Experimental Design

Getting Prepared to Perform a Hypothesis Test to Compare Independent Means

In this video, I set up the null and alternative hypothesis, review the conditions and assumptions that need to be satisfied in order to perform a 2-sample t-test, and introduce the 2-sample t-test equation.

Source: Rachel Orr-Depner

Collecting our Data - Let's Rock!

In this video, I run through a few slides showing how I select my subjects, collect my data, provide my summary statistics, create histograms from each sample, and check my assumptions and conditions.

Source: Rachel Orr-Depner

Performing a Two-Sample T-Test. Are Males better than Females in Guitar Hero? Let's find out!

In this video I perform a two-sample t-test and make a conclusion about our hypothesis at a a significance level of 5%.

Source: Rachel Orr-Depner