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Learning about Arrays and Variables

Learning about Arrays and Variables

Author: Wes Warner

Students will learn to identify and understand what an array and variables are.  They will also develop their own definition of both terms.

Students will be presented with several photographs of simple arrays and variables.  Explanations of these will be given.  Before the students go and find their own examples, the teacher will question the students about the photographs shown in class to ensure the students understand the terms.


Students will then be given the opportunity to find / take their own photos that illustrate their understanding of an array and variable.

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Simple array

Here is a photograph of an array of lego minifigs.  In computer programming, most languages would say that the array depicted would be [15]  as the first minifig would take up position 0 and the 2nd would have position 1 and so forth.


What is a variable?

Variables exist everywhere in our life.  It does not need to be unknown.  Take for example these scripts from the computer program Scratch.  The variables identified are events.  For example a variable for you might be when you get breakfast.  The variable could be when at what time do you feel hungry, or what you have for breakfast.