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Learning Addition and Subtraction

Learning Addition and Subtraction

Author: Nicole Tomo
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Learning Addition and Subtraction is Fun!

In this lesson we will learn to add and subtract numbers. I put many videos up to help all of you understand. These videos will show you how to add, subtract, and have fun with math! The first video shows you how to add with pictures and the second video shows you how to subtract with your hand! Once you are done watching these videos please take the quiz at the end of the page! Have fun and good luck!

Learning Addition with Pictures!

Subtraction with your hands!

Math is Fun!

I hope you liked the videos and it helped you understand addition and subtraction. The hand jive was a fun way for you to learn subtraction and I hope you will use it in the future. Addition is easier when you think about it with objects and you just count the objects! Please take the quiz below and I look forward to seeing you all in class tomorrow!

Quiz Time