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Learning Lab Equipment with Chromebooks

Learning Lab Equipment with Chromebooks

Author: Cecil Griffin

Using chromebooks and google slides to create a learning project for students with Commonly Used Laboratory Equipment. 

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Lab Equipment Project Introduction

One of the common complaints I get from my students is that they can't seem to remember the various names for the laboratory equipment and it's most common uses. After trying several methods to solve the problem, I decided that this year, I'd try to have them turn this process into a project with the final goal being for them to create a presentation over the material from their own research. 

Materials List

Alright, so to get this started, we are going to need a few simple things.  

  1. A list of common laboratory equipment.
  2. A chromebook (or computer) with access to google docs. 
  3. A passing familiarity with powerpoint or google slides. 
  4. A little internet access.
  5. (OPTIONAL) Method of taking pictures  (Student phones, etc.)

List of Common Classroom Materials

  1. Apron
  2. Beaker
  3. Beaker Tongs
  4. Bunsen Burner
  5. Buret
  6. Clay Triangle
  7. Crucible
  8. Crucible Tongs
  9. Electronic Balance
  10. Erlenmeyer Flask
  11. Evaporating Dish
  12. Eye Dropper
  13. Florence Flask
  14. Funnel
  15. Graduated Cylinder
  16. Hand Lens
  17. Hot Plate
  18. Magnifying Glass
  19. Petri Dish
  20. Pinch Clamp
  21. Pipette
  22. Ring Clamp
  23. Ring Stand
  24. Rubber Stoppers
  25. Safety Goggles
  26. Scoopula
  27. Stirring Rod
  28. Striker
  29. Test Tube
  30. Test Tube Brush
  31. Test Tube Clamp
  32. Test Tube Holder
  33. Test Tube Rack
  34. Thermometer
  35. Triple Beam Balance
  36. Utility Clamp
  37. Volumetric Flask
  38. Wash Bottle
  39. Watch Glass
  40. Wire Gauze


Given a list of laboratory equipment, do the following. 

  1. Obtain an image of the item on the list that is free to use (see google research tools or create your own)
  2. Place the image into a google slide show document 
  3. Provide general information about the item like common uses

When finished with every item on the list, share the google slides document with your teacher for grading.  

A Quick Example

While not complete with all the equipment, this is a rough example with pictures of equipment from my lab.