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Learning Lab Expectations

Learning Lab Expectations

Author: Tezella Cline

The focus of this presentation is to provide an overview of the Learning Lab and the expectations for students. 


Overview:   The Learning Lab provides students with additional time and resources to complete their regular education assignments and tests. In addition, Learning Lab lessons and activities reinforce basic learning/study skills development and they review and reinforce content from the regular education classes. While in learning lab, students are expected to complete specific work from their regular classes and they are to participate in Learning Lab lessons and complete daily assignments. 

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Learning Lab Syllabus 2013 - 2014

Overview and Details about what to expect in Learning Lab Class.


Learning Lab Syllabus

This document provides an overview of the purpose, student expectations, and grading guidelines for the Learning Lab Class.


Student Task Sheet

This document shows an example of a Student Task Sheet. Students use these sheets each week to guide their work. In addition to doing work from regular education classes, students are expected to complete assignments for the Learning Lab.