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Learning Opportunities and Challenges for Software Engineers

Learning Opportunities and Challenges for Software Engineers

Author: Devmountain Tutorials

List some of the challenges for software engineers.

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This section will explore the challenges for software engineers by discussing:


The learning opportunities and challenges of being a Software Engineer are vast. Our development team has been increasing our use of automation to speed up the release process for our product. This takes an investment from the company but will allow us to release changes with more reliability and speed while reducing costs.

CI/CD stands for 'continuous integration' and 'continuous delivery.' This includes a set of practices where code between developers is merged quickly or continuously integrated. Continuous delivery includes pipelines or automation to make the release process quick and easy.

As connection speeds increase and the cost to store data goes down, it is becoming easier to capture and store large amounts of data. Big data and machine learning have been buzz words for some time, but creating insights and value from that data is still a challenge for many organizations.

This challenge comes with an ethical dilemma; how do we give users the ability to know what data is collected and how it is used? In 2016, the European Parliament and Council created the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR.)

This regulation was groundbreaking for the tech sector because it requires all companies that sell to European Union residents to comply regardless of the company’s location. Among other things, the regulation requires companies to gain consent from users to process their data, allow users to anonymize their data, and provide notifications to users in the event of a data breach.

GDPR has been the largest data regulation, but it isn’t the only one. The state of California adopted the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in 2018, which is similar to GDPR. With new and different regulations expected for other locations, the tech industry is coming together to establish best practices and tools to make compliance with privacy regulations easier.

Image shows a woman standing next to a large database with a shield and a large key on the floor.
Protecting Big Data


One of the most notorious challenges for Software Engineers is managing tech debt. Technical debt refers to an old or outdated code that needs to be reworked to improve the performance, maintainability, or security.

Maintaining code can quickly become a problem even at a small startup, when a simple website could have 10,000 lines of code. This grows quickly when you talk about large applications and operating systems that grow easily into millions of lines of code.

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In 2017 Jeff Desjardins published an infographic showing how many million lines of code it takes to power different technologies. This estimates the Android operating system contains 12-15 million lines of code, but all of Google’s services are estimated at 2 billion lines of code. Which helps explain why they need so many engineers.

The amount of technical debt is increasing the need to focus on cybersecurity. Older versions of programming languages have known security vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Keeping your programming languages up to date can require significant rework for engineers. It can feel like a constant battle between maintaining good hygiene on the code you already have while balancing the new development and needs of the organization.

Trying to stay up to speed with the changes can seem overwhelming, but our team has a culture of continuous learning. We set aside time every week to stay up on the new developments, and we share what we learn with the entire IT department during lunch 'n' learn meetings.