Learning Strategies Test

Learning Strategies Test

Author: Amanda Walling

The objective of this tutorial is to assist in providing a new and different skills set for those looking to improve their knowledge base/grades.  Through this tutorial, students will be shown a more efficient way of absorbing information and better time management.  Students will also be given various tips and techniques for note-taking and test-taking.

This tutorial will concentrate on areas such as test-taking, academic honesty, and time management.  The topics of note taking and active reading, as well as how to effectively use the resources provided by the local library, will also be discussed.  You will be required to take a short quiz to test your knowledge in the appropriate fields.

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We all struggle with time management... here are some tips to help you become (and stay) more productive.

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Tips to assist you in remembering and retaining information.

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Abbreviations and Exercise

A list of the common abbreviations used today as well as an exercise to practice using the abbreviations.

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Reading Comprehension

Strategies to help one absorb the information they take in.

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Effective Note-taking

Note Taking Techniques.

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Test Taking Preparation

Tips to help you prepare for that big test!

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Beating Procrastination

How to overcome procrastination

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