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Learning Tech

Learning Tech

Author: Bob Koehler

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Higher Ed

ISTE Standards

3. Model digital age work and learning
3.a. Demonstrate fluency in technology systems and the transfer of current knowledge to new technologies and situations.


It's about Education and Learning Tech. . .

Which includes Copyright Law - see

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Work in Progress

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Learning Tech

Technology will not replace teachers.

Teachers who use technology effectively will probably replace those who don't.

Brave New Digital Classroom

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Intro to Technology

intro to tech movie - this video was uploaded from my computer after downloading it.

Source: California Streaming (

Learning Tech

Embedded link to Learning Technologies, Information for Teachers

Helping teachers use tech to help students learn.

“Our challenge is to think differently about addressing learner diversity and ensure that learning is accessible to ALL students.”

EDIT 4170 Course Objectives

The student will:

• Use basic computer hardware and software and other technology effectively.

• Apply knowledge of legal and ethical issues when developing technology-based lessons.

• Show understanding of privacy and safety issues.

• Create products that are compliant with copyright laws and fair use guidelines.

• Use applications to manage records.

• Use computers to communicate through printed media.

• Utilize various computer-based collaborative tools.

• Demonstrate competency in the use of electronic research tools, including issues concerning authenticity, reliability, and bias of data gathered.

• Examine a variety of current educational digital media and use established selection criteria to evaluate materials.

• Create and maintain effective learning environments using computer-based technology.

• Analyze best practices and research findings on the use of technology and designs lessons accordingly.

Source: bobk

Slide Show 101, Abridged

The Google Slide Show presentation in a reduced movie.

Source: Koehler, B., YouTube, 04/12/16

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How will you integrate your chosen educational technology tool in your classroom?

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