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Learning the Sound of Gg

Learning the Sound of Gg

Author: Lauren Riley

The students will identify letter sounds in order to sound out and read words.

The students will identify and produce letter sounds. The students will then blend the sounds together to form complete words. They will then use this knowledge in order to read sentences.

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Learn about the Sound of Gg!

Watch and listen to the video about the sound of the letter Gg. Click on the middle of the screen to play the video. Click on the icon in the bottom right corner, next to the "YouTube" label to enlarge the screen.

*HOMEWORK: Write 3 words that begin with the letter g and bring your list to school on Tuesday!

Source: video from

Sound of Gg with Tayla

Watch and learn more words that begin with the sound of the letter Gg.

The lady in the video is VERY animated and she teaches basis words beginning with Gg.

*Think of foods and animals that begin with the letter Gg.

Source: Tea Time with Tayla on YouTube

Interactive Gg Activity!

Click on the picture that begins with the sound of the letter Gg!

Source: hooplakidz