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Learning to Spell: An Introductory Guide

Learning to Spell: An Introductory Guide

Author: JT Newsome

This packet will attempt to expose people to the fundamentals of spelling. In other words, you will learn about the basic strategies and ways that you can adopt to more rapidly increase your vocabulary, understanding of language and ability to spell quickly and correctly.

Language is constantly changing. Words can become created or deprecated within a short period of time. Knowing a wide spectrum of vocabulary is necessary to speak precisely and concisely in the modern world. Without such a vast amount of words it would be difficult for society to progress.

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Introduction to Spelling

Quick and concise guide to learning how to spell efficiently (See documents below for the superscripted links and extras)!

Source: Inline Citations

Practice Quizzes/Games Links

Spelling Bee:

Root Words (flash cards, Matching, Concentration or Word Search):

Latin Roots Quiz (1-3):

Prefix "Battleship" Game:

Greek Roots Quiz:

EXTRA: Etymology in Harry Potter Exercise

Just a quick and fun exercise to test your knowledge of Harry Potter and/or etymology research skills! (Click "Full Screen" at bottom left to get better view...answers are at bottom)