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Legal Memo

Legal Memo

Author: david utsey

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For this assignment, you’ll be assuming the role of a lead field hand at M-Global and you’ll have to write a 2-page memo report by the end of the week. A memo report is a type of informative report.
You should use the ABC Format. Please refer to Chapter 11 in your textbook to learn how to write an informative and analytical report and for more information on the ABC Format.
Check out pages 374-377 in Chapter 11 for examples of memo reports. Pay close attention to the different components of the examples and try to emulate the examples when creating your own memo report.
The ScenarioFor six months, you have driven a new Ford F-150 company truck at remote job sites. As lead field hand for M-Global’s Boston office, you have been asked to write an evaluation of the vehicle for Brenda Seymour, Director of Procurement at the corporate office in Baltimore.
Seymour will use your report to decide whether to recommend ordering five more F-150s for other offices. She has told you that you must discuss only major positive or negative features, not every detail. If she needs more information after reading your report, she will let you know.
Consider the following list of your random notes. Select only the major positive or negative features from this list and use this information to write a 2-page memo report that evaluates the truck. Make sure to follow the guidelines in Chapter 11.
My 150 has been very reliable—it never failed to start, even during subzero ice storms last winter.
The 4.6-liter small V-8 has provided plenty of power to handle any hauling I have done. No need to order the more expensive and less fuel-efficient 5.4-liter V-8.
Have been to 18 job sites with the truck, from marshes in Maine to mountains in New Hampshire. Have put about 12,000 miles on it, on all kinds of roads and in all conditions.
Tires that came with the truck did not work well in muddy locations, even with four-wheel drive. Suggest we buy all-terrain tires for future vehicles. Continue to order four-wheel drive—it is necessary at over half our job sites.
The short bed (six feet) did not provide enough hauling room, once I put my toolbox across the truck bed near the back window. Suggest company buy long-bed trucks with the added two feet of room.
From my experience, I give the truck a good to excellent rating.
Automatic transmission worked great. Am told by other owners that the automatic is better than the manual for construction jobs because the manual tends to burn out clutches, especially when the truck needs to be “rocked” back and forth to get out of mud holes. My automatic has taken a lot of abuse without problems.
Have had some problems with front-end handling on rough roads. Suggest that future trucks be ordered with special handling package, which includes two shock absorbers—not just one—on each front wheel.
Have had no major repairs, just the regular maintenance checks at the dealer.
There was one recall from the manufacturer concerning an exhaust pipe hanger that might bend, but the dealer fixed the problem in 20 minutes.
Really need to have another six months to see how well truck holds up.
DirectionsStep 1: Read Chapter 11 (Reports for Information and Analysis).
Step 2: Read through the Memo Report Scenario above.
Step 3: Download the RubricPreview the document to better understand how you will be graded.
Step 4: Write your 2-page Memo Report.

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