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Legal Stuff you need to know

Legal Stuff you need to know

Author: Russell Kahle
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Acceptable Use Policy

Please read through the Acceptable Use Policy. This applies to all faculty, staff and students. As an employee of USD 418 you must abide by the policies set forth.

If you do not see the pdf, copy and paste this link in your web browser.


Watching Videos in your Class

If you want to watch youtube, you must email for a static ip.  Setting that up is another tutorial!

If you are watching any movie you must follow these guidelines

  • Elementary must be G rating
  • Middle School must be G, PG with Board approval
  • High School must be G or PG, PG-13 with Board approval

How to setup your Static IP

You can ask Larry at to have a static ip to watch Youtube videos. If you work at multiple buildings you have to setup a static ip for each. To skip ads and recommended videos use