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Lego EV3

Lego EV3

Author: julie kelly

Address the following TX Tech App TEKS through the use of robotics:

Creativity and Innovation:

1A)  apply prior knowledge to develop new ideas, products, and processes.

1B) create original products using a variety of resources

1C) explore virtual environments, simulations, models, and programming languages to enhance learning.

1D) create and execute steps to accomplish a task

1E) evaluate and modify steps to accomplish a task

Communication and Collaboration:

2C)  format digital information for a defined audience and communication medium

2D) select, store, and deliver products using a variety of media, formats, devices, and virtual environments.

Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making:

4A)  identify what is known and unknown and what needs to be known regarding a problem and explain the steps to solve the problem

4D) collect, analyze, and represent data using tools such as programming languages, simulations, and models

Digital Citizenship:

5A) adhere to acceptable use policies reflecting appropriate behavior in a digital environment

5B) comply with acceptable digital safety rules, fair use guidelines, and copyright laws

5C) practice the responsible use of digital information regarding intellectual property

Technology operations and concepts:

6A) use appropriated terminology regarding basic hardware, software applications, programs, networking, virtual environments, and emerging technologies

6B) use appropriate digital tools and resources for storage, access, file management, collaboration, and designing solutions to problems

6C) perform basic software application functions, including opening an application and creating, modifying, printing, and saving files

6D) use a variety of input, output, and storage devices

6G) use the help feature online and in applications




Tutorials are designed to help students understand how to navigate through the EV3 software platform; aid in robotic builds;  and basic programming, including the use of the sensors. 

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The Lego EV3 Brick

A comparison of the new Lego EV3 brick to the older NXT brick.

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How to build and program the robotic arm to move.