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Lego Movie Maker

Lego Movie Maker

Author: Lisa Tripp

At the completion of this project, students will be able to create an Lego Movie using the Lego Movie Maker to serve as a activity for students to show students knowledge on a subject. 

Lego Movie Maker is an application that can be downloaded for the iTunes Application Store on an iPad. Teachers can use Lego Movie Maker to make videos for their students to watch as a hook to their lesson or to review a previous lesson. It is an excellent product for students from Lego that could be used as elaboration and evaluate in the classroom. Students can create movies in the classroom using Lego Story Starters to show their knowledge of the subject being taught.

In this tutorial, teachers/students will learn how to create their own Lego Movie using the Lego Movie Maker Application on their iPad. 

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Lego Movie Maker Project Description

Lego Movie Maker Project Description 

In this project, you will create a Lego Movie using the Lego Movie Maker Application on the iPad.

The teacher will teach students about a subject area. For example, students will be learning about the Solar System.  Students will use Lego Story Starter Kits to build scenes for their movie.They will show the teacher their new knowledge using their movie. They can create scenes dealing with the Sun, Earth, or the rest of the Solar System. Students will create their scenes based about the lesson. Students will take pictures of their scenes and create a Lego Movie Maker with them. The instructions are below.

Students/Teachers can ​​watch the tutorial video and the example video to get an idea of how the program works.​

Lego Movie Maker Instructions:

1. When you open the app on your iPad, there is a screen that pops up, press the red “Make a Movie” box.
2.You can add titles and credits to your movie. You can select from different title cards and name the movie.
3. Set up the scene that you want in your movie and touch the center of the screen of the iPad to take a picture. of it and then move the figures or scene to their next action pose and repeat.
4. In Capture mode, there are many different things that you can add to your movie.
5. Focus mode to focus your scenes.
        -Flash to turn the flash on and off
        -Grid to help line up and frame each shot
        -Onion skin to line up a current shot with the previous picture
        -Preview to preview your movie
6. In Edit mode, you can delete and insert a frame by taking a new picture.
7. Add music or record your own voice, color effects, and speed up and down your movies.
8. In the final steps, you have the option to build a new movie, go to the gallery, delete the current movie, go back, and edit the current movie and share the movie to the camera roll or upload it to YouTube.


Lego Movie Maker Tutorial

This video provides a brief tutorial on how to use Lego Movie Maker to create your own video for the classroom. Refer to it as needed throughout the project.

Source: YouTube

Example of a Lego Movie Maker Video

Here is an example of a Lego Movie Maker Video

Source: YouTube