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Lego Movie Maker

Lego Movie Maker

Author: Kaitlyn Hutter
  • At the completion of this project, students will be able to create a video using Lego Movie Maker to serve as an assessment for the end of a unit.

Lego Movie Maker is an app that allows children to create a custom stop-motion movie.  Children can build their own Lego creation and make it come to life by using Lego Movie Maker.

In this tutorial, one will learn the basics of Lego Movie Maker and then be apply what they have learned to create their own video. Each video will contain  photos of their Lego Story Starters creations.  

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Lego Movie Maker Project Description

In this project, you will create a video using the LEGO Movie Maker Application.

The video will be created on your own using LEGO Story Starters kits to serve as an assessment for a unit. 

Before coming to class on the first day of LEGO Movie Makers is listed on the schedule, you should complete the following:

  • Download the free LEGO Movie Maker Application from the app store onto your IPad.  
  • ​​Watch the tutorial video and the example video to get an idea of how the program works.​
  • Start to think about how you could use LEGO Movie Maker to serve as an assessment piece for the unit.  Think about main ideas of the unit to include in your video.  

Lego Movie Maker Tutorial

This video teaches you how to use LEGO Movie Maker Application to make LEGO Stop Motion Videos. Refer to it as needed.

LEGO Movie Maker Example

This is a short video created by a student who used LEGO Movie Maker to do so.