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Lego Movie Maker

Lego Movie Maker

Author: Lauren Quintal

A tutorial and lesson on how to use Lego Movie Maker, the ins and outs of the software, and possibilites for how to use it.

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What is Lego Movie Maker?

Lego Movie Maker is an interactive iPad app that enables the user to create stop motion films using the software's effects and Lego bricks. All movies created on the app are custom and utilize the creator's creativity, story telling ideas, and innovation. The software takes high quality photographs that when compiled together create a seemless stop motion movie and make the Lego bricks come to life and spring off the computer screen. The software includes many effects including themes for filming, title pages, adding your own sound effects or the option of using music and sounds on the app, adjusting the speed of the movie, being able to add stickers to any frame of the movie, saving progress and stages of the movie, and scaling and cropping photos before adding them to the final product.

What ways can you use it in the classroom?

Lego Movie Maker is an invaluable tool in many ways and in turn offers a multitude of possibilites of how it can be used in the classroom setting. First of all, Lego bricks are what the software reccommends but are not entirely necessary. Stop motion videos can be created with people, an environment, or student/teacher created characters for variation and even more possibilites of movies. It teaches students about the elements of a story and how to combine them thematically and theatrically. It is an incredible outlet for creativity and expression.

Some ideas:

-Illustrate vocabulary

-Create a Public Service Announcement

-Show mathematical reasoning and why a process, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction works

-Explain how scientific processes and systems work, like the rock cycle, plate tectonics, the interaction between the states of mater, or ecosystems.

-Have students create a movie trailer on a topic they are learning about to extend learning.

-Teacher created movie trailer as an engage piece in a lesson.

-To compile student work in a short clip by clip video.

-Show the main ideas of a specific event in history. Reinact it or imagine how it might have looked differently if it happened today.

-Use to demonstrate learning. What have students learned about...?

-Students write scripts for their movies, edit, revise, and create movies. Share as a class in a film festival format.


Create a cast of characters, a storyline, and a set with Lego bricks. The cast of characters and setting will be used in the movie to make it come to life and the storyline will guide what you are filming, the number and action of your photos that will compromise your movie, and what effects and music you will want to add to thematically enhance your movie.

1. Download Lego Movie Maker application on your iPad.

2.. Open application.

3. Select the "Make Movie" option. This will enable you to start the process of creating your movie.

4. Enter the title and director of the movie.

5. Drag through and choose a title background.

6. Use the second icon to focus and lock in on the objects you are focusing on.

7. Begin filming. To take each picture press lightly on the screen where it says, "Tap screen to take photos."

8. For each frame, slightly move the Lego bricks to micmic movement.

9. Choose the speed of the photos in the movie, frames per second, on with the "frame rate." To the left is the slowest, the gear all the way to the right is the quickest.

10. Add effects. You can utilize music, filters, voice overs, and rewatch and edit your movie until you feel it is complete and then you can save your movie as a final version.

Extension Activity for Students:

After students learn how to use and navigate the software students will be asked to build their own story that includes a plot, a cast of characters, a climax, theme, and a setting. The rest is up to them! They have the freedom to explore and incorporate these elements in any way they choose. Students will then use the Lego Movie Maker app to take pictures of their set and adjust pieces slightly each frame to make a movie. They will be asked to take at least twenty slides to turn their story into a stop motion film. They will use their new knowledge of the software to give their movie a title, effects, narration if they choose, a frame rate, and publish it. The class will all share their movies in small groups.

Formative Assessment:

To assess mastery of the software and creating a movie with it, the students will be formatively assessed with a checklist that looks at: Did they understand what a stop motion video means and how the software creates it? (Did they move Lego bricks to micmic movement and take the twenty pictures or more?) Did the student give their piece a title and publish it? Did the students create a story to tell? Did they work mainly independently? The checklist will have each of these areas in a column to be checked off as either meets, partially meets, or does not meet that area. The teacher will also be encoruaged to take notes and make comments on students' work and progress throughout the movie creation.

How to make LEGO Stop Motion Videos with LEGO Movie Maker App

A brief video tutorial on how to use Lego Movie Maker. This video illustrates and describes how to take the images in a stop motion pattern to micmic movement, how to set up an area to film, how to add music, a title, credits, and effects to the movie, and how to publish the finished product.

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