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LEGO Movie Maker and LEGO Story Starter

LEGO Movie Maker and LEGO Story Starter

Author: Alex Stencil

Students will be able to build a depiction of each season using story starters and show seasons chronologically using Lego Movie Maker. 

K.E.1.3 Compare weather patterns that occur from season to season. 

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the four seasons, by creating scenes from each season using LEGO Story Starter and then making a movie using the LEGO Movie Maker app. 

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Learning about the Four Seasons

Over the next few days, we are going to be learning about the four seasons. The four seasons are; autumn, winter, spring, and summer. We will be talking about what each season looks like, the weather during the four seasons, and what we do during those seasons. I want you to make a short video to show me what you already know about the four seasons. Be sure to use the LEGOs from the Story Starter kits to make the scenes in your video.

How to make the video

  1. From the kit, get 4 grey base plates. (One to represent each season)
  2. Using the LEGO pieces from the kit, make each base plate look like a different season. (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer)
  3. Once you have each base plate designed, open the LEGO Movie app on your iPad or Smart Phone.
  4. Once in the LEGO Movie Maker app, and select “Make a Movie.”
  5. Choose a frame for your movie from the options on the right hand side.
  6. Then click on the box that says “My Movie” to change the title of your movie. Then select “done.”
  7. Once you have selected your frame and added your title, hit “done.”
  8. Review the instructions on the “How to Use” page and select “start.”
  9. Now take a picture of each of the base plates, or the different seasons. You should start with winter, to spring, to summer, and then fall. Be sure to take the pictures in the order you want them to appear throughout the movie.
  10. Once you have taken all of the pictures, hit “done.”
  11. Now you can play around with different settings. You can delete or add a new frame, add movie or different effects, and adjust the speed.
  12. Once you are happy with your video, hit save and you’re done! 

LEGO Movie Maker Tutorial

A student's example:

Final Note!

This activity will not be assessed because I am using this to get an idea of how much you know about the four seasons already. I will use this to adjust my lessons and plan around what you and your classmates already know.