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Lego Movie Maker and Story Starter

Lego Movie Maker and Story Starter

  • Students are able to create their own movie on their own using the Lego Movie Maker application on the iPad
  • Students can show understanding of a topic through the movie that they create.

Lego Movie Maker is an application that can be used by students to bring their Legos to life. Lego Movie Maker is an app on the iPad that puts multiple pictures together to create a stop motion video. Students utilize the story starters kit to build the scenes to create their movie.

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Lego Movie Maker and Story Starters Description

In this project you will create on video using the iPad app Lego Movie Maker.

This video will reflected that you understand how a plant grows. Include all the necessities that a plant needs to survive. Your video can have people, houses, anything you want as long as it meets the standard. Be creative! To make the video follow the instructions below:

  1. Decide how you are going to represent your idea using the Lego's that are found in your Story Starters kit.
  2. Pull out the base plate in your story starters kit and create your first scene on top of this base plate. You are welcome to use more than one base plate if you need room.
  3. Open up the Lego Movie Maker app on your iPad and click on 'make a movie'
  4. Create a title for you movie. Make sure you write your name under the title, and then click done.
  5. You may now take a picture of the scene you created.
  6. Slightly move the pieces around to create a new scene, but be careful to keep your base plate in the same spot so that the pictures will flow together smoothly.
  7. Repeat step 6 as many times as you need.
  8. Once you have gathered all the pictures you need for your movie click done in the upper right hand corner.
  9. You may no add music, effects, and change the speed of your movie. You can also rearrange the order of the pictures by dragging them in the line where you want them to go.
  10. When you are finished organizing click save in the top right corner.
  11. The last screen will come up and you may export the video to your camera roll and then email to me.



Lego Movie Maker Example

Above is an example of a completed video created on Lego Movie Maker