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Lenski's Five Types of Society

Lenski's Five Types of Society

Author: Sadie Pendaz
This lesson will discuss Gerhard Lenski's five types of society; including hunting and gathering, horticultural and pastoral, agriculture, industrialism, and post industrialism.
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Notes on "Lenski's Five Types of Society"


(00:00-01:21) Lenski's Belief in the Role of Technology and Sociolcultural Evolution

(01:22-03:05) Hunting and Gathering Societies

(03:06-04:12) Pastoralism and Horticultural Societies

(04:13-05:53) Agricultural Societies

(05:54-07:06) Industrial Societies

(07:07-09:09) Postindustrial Societies

Terms to Know

Gerhard Lenski

Gerhard Lenski is an American sociologist known for his theory that technological progress is the most basic factor in the evolution of societies and cultures.

Hunting and Gathering

The use of the simple tools to obtain food from wild plants and animals.


Using tools to raise crops.


Raising animals for livestock.


Large-scale plant or animal cultivation using advanced forms of energy resources, such as animal-driven plows.


The production and manufacturing of foods using advanced sources of energy and machines.


Social patterns characteristic of postindustrial societies.