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Les Verbes 1

Les Verbes 1

Author: Heather Palmer

Réviser quelques verbes essentiels au présent:  AVOIR, ÊTRE, ALLER, FAIRE et VENIR.  


Review the present tense of a few high frequency verbs:  AVOIR, ÊTRE, ALLER, FAIRE et VENIR.  

The information in this packet is designed to help you master 5 essential French verbs.  The verbs are irregular, and their conjugations must be memorized.  Practice makes perfect!  Working for short periods of time on a regular basis is a great way to approach verbs.


Resources include explanations as well as practice activities.  There are links for websites, computer activities, pencil and paper practice, and games you can print and play with a partner.


I.  Verb Packet: Verb conjugations and explanation

II.  Website activities: listen to audio, practice writing

III. Je maîtrise mes verbes: straight-forward verb conjugation practice

IV.  Quelques Activités Interactives: Various review activities made with Hot Potatoes

V.  Tic Tac Toe: A variation of the popular game -- avoir and être review


Enjoy your review!

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Les Verbes 1: Les conjugaisons

Voici les conjugaisons au présent des verbes AVOIR, ÊTRE, FAIRE, ALLER et VENIR. Ce sont des verbes irréguliers et il faut les mémoriser. Tu trouveras aussi une liste d' expressions qui sont basées sur chaque verbe.

Here are the present tense conjugations for the verbs AVOIR, ÊTRE, FAIRE, ALLER et VENIR. They are irregular verbs, and you need to memorize them. You will also find a list of expressions that are based on each verb.


Source: Created by Heather J. Palmer, 2010

Website Activities

Interactive practice for AVOIR, ÊTRE, FAIRE, ALLER, VENIR. The explanations are in English. You can practice listening and speaking in addition to writing skills.


Source: Compiled by Heather J. Palmer, 2010

Je maîtrise mes verbes

This worksheet will give you practice with verb conjugations.


Source: Created by Heather J. Palmer, 2010

Quelques Activités Interactives [A Few Interactive Activities]

Ces activités, sous forme de jeux, travaillent les verbes du premier paquet de verbes.

[These game-like activities focus on verbs from the 1st verb packet.]


Source: Created by Heather J. Palmer, 2010

Les Activités Interactives: Les Verbes 1

Source: Created by Heather J. Palmer, 2010

Tic Tac Toe

C'est une variation d'un jeu connu, qui révise les verbes!

[This variation of Tic Tac Toe helps review verbs!]


Source: Adapted from René Ammann