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Lesson 1

Lesson 1

Author: Anthony Varela
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Objective: After this lesson, you will be expected to use a map to list the streets from one location to another, in the order they should be traveled to provide the most direct route.

Source: Images created by Anthony Varela

Practice Activity


You wish to plan a route from (1) your home to (2) an art museum  in your neighborhood.  Using the map below, identify a direct route between your house and the museum.  List the streets that make up the route.





Remember that direct routes contain as few turns as possible, and often travel along popular main roads with higher speed limits.  When planning the most direct route in the scenario above, you may have found more than one possibility:


  1. Fifth Street

  2. Colonial Road

  3. Sixth Street


Or perhaps:

  1. Fifth Street

  2. Auburn Avenue

  3. Sixth Street



Source: Images created by Anthony Varela