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Lesson 1: Attributes of Effective Leaders

Lesson 1: Attributes of Effective Leaders

Author: Capella Learning
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Welcome to Personal Mastery: Attributes of Effective Leaders

The New Leader

Becoming a leader is challenging. Many times, the qualities that got you to this position aren't enough to make you an effective leader. If you're leading a team you were already on, you can face more challenges. Scroll down to read the story of a new leader transitioning from a team member role.

Blue Skies Ahead

File:4140-PMT1L1newleader1.png You've accepted the promotion to supervisor of a regional call center. You know exactly what the people who report to you do because until a month ago you were one of them. But now you're the boss. You have lots of great ideas for the call center and are looking forward to implementing them.

First Efforts of Change

File:4141-PMT1L1newleader2.png After being in your position for a few weeks, you decide to make improvements to the scripts and job aids that your team uses. You know this improvement has been anticipated by many people on the team for quite a while. You expect that everyone will be excited about the new tools.

Unexpected Reaction

File:4142-PMT1L1newleader3.png When you discuss the changes in a staff meeting, you're surprised by Paul's reaction. You know that he agrees that this is an important update for the team, but in the meeting, he seems totally disengaged and makes comments under his breath like, "It doesn't take long for people in management to forget what it's like on the floor, does it?"

Dealing with Relationship Change

File:4143-PMT1L1newleader4.png You don't know how to respond to Paul. You always had a good working relationship with him before you became a supervisor. The two of you talked many times about the team's needs and changes you'd make if you had the chance. Now, Paul seems to be ridiculing your suggestions and not taking you seriously. How do you change your relationship from peer-to-peer to leader-follower?.

Personal Leadership Model