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LESSON 1 - Getting Started

LESSON 1 - Getting Started

Author: Nia Ward

Maafa Spiritual Resilience offers explorations into the world, times & legacy of the Elders resistance to the Maafa or Black People's holocaust. LESSON 1 - Gets you started by ...

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GETTING STARTED - The resources (course handbook, quizzes, lecture, etc) are below and so is the course handbook.  The Activities are also outlined below.  Please complete these exercises and upload your responses to your tutor.  Should you need any further info then do not hesitate to contact us using the QUESTIONS box below. PLEASE ALSO COMPLETE THE QUIZ (on the right) 

Military ResistanceWHO IS THIS WARRIOR?


Course Handbook

This Course Workbook is essential reading. The ACTIVITIES will guide you through the workbook, but feel free to read it at your own pace. ENJOY