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Lesson 1 -Light, and it's reaction to Spacial Properties

Lesson 1 -Light, and it's reaction to Spacial Properties

Author: Tyler Zwink

Light, a very Helpful thing. and we know  that we have nearly found out all of its properties and reactions in the world.

But what about space??? (see more)


It is a Crucial fact that light take Approx. 8 min. to go to earth from the sun. Though you might think : Why does it take so long if light is the fastest thing ever??? Well, not in space though.     If you take 9.3 million miles and divide it by the speed of light. ( 180,000 mps estimated) you get 51.6666666 and repeating seconds( In physics terms it would be AU/C=51.6666666 )  so it leads down to one thing: Light slows in space,    but why? could it be the Dark Matter?the No-Gravity? the numbing cold?) well I don't honestly know. Although! this Discovery may lead to other reactions with the properties!

So now you could be asking many other questions, like: Can Light REALLY escape a black hole at normal speed? A:No it can't

Well that's it for this tutorial.


Light takes 8 mins. to go from the sun to earth, but if you do the math. it SHOULD be 51.6666666 seconds

so light slows in space, I do not know what reacts in space that causes this, but It does slow in space.

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Light and its reaction to Spacial Properties.