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Lesson 2

Lesson 2

Author: Anthony Varela
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Objective: After this lesson, you will be expected to generate a list of directions using north, south, west, and east correctly describe directions from one location to another.

Source: Images created by Anthony Varela

Practice Activity


You have planned a route to visit (2) your friend from (1) your home and have highlighted the route below.  Use the cardinal directions (north, south, west, and east) to describe the route.




North corresponds to up, whereas South corresponds to down.  West corresponds to left, and east corresponds to right.  Generally, your friend's house is to the northeast of your house, so you will mostly be traveling north and east.  Following the highlighted route, the directions are:

  1. Travel east on Colonial Rd.
  2. Travel north on Fifth St.
  3. Travel east on Auburn Ave.
  4. Travel south on Seventh St.