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Lesson 2-Wonders of Physics

Lesson 2-Wonders of Physics

Author: Tyler Zwink

Wonders of Physics

There are many things we that makes us ask questions. (see more)

How Does Energy work? 

Does the Faster you go the shorter the time?

How many Planets ARE there?

In this case, you can answer the questions with a lot of Pluses and Minuses but, you STILL would not have enough knowledge in your basic Mathematics some Abbreviations you wont have would be: M=mass w=weight  a=acceleration F=force c=speed of light

E=energy  V=velocity  t=time r=reduction G=gravity An abbreviation with a smaller abbreviation is an Exponet of numbers and An abbreviation with a smaller abbreviation is to Describe  i=intanital f=final   and much, much more!

With these, you may solve those problems. ( except number 3 then you would need no atmosphere and a telescope the size of Jupiter to only visit the half the Galaxy)


So, Physics is just a more, scientific, accurate way of using Science and Mathematics to find the answer to the Universes Questions. and who knows? maybe you will find a new Physical Property!

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