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Lesson 3.1 Days 1, 2, and 3

Lesson 3.1 Days 1, 2, and 3

Author: Melinda Hollan

3.1 Day 1 Quadratics

3.1 Day 2 Equations of Quadratics

3.1 Day 3 Quadratic Applications

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3.1 Day 1 PART 1 Quadratics

This video will give you more details about quadratics and how to graph them from standard form and vertex form with and without a graphing calculator!

3.1 Day 1 PART 2 Quadratics

This video is a continuation of 3.1 Day 1 Part 1…

3.1 Day 2 Equations of Quadratic Functions

Writing equations of quadratic functions is easy if you know the vertex and a point on the graph of the quadratic!

3.1 Day 3 Quadratic Applications

Where might the quadratic relationship occur in real life? This video will give you an idea and help you to figure out the key terms (words) to look for to find the answer to the questions asked in this kind of relationship.