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Lesson Four: "Because I could not Stop for Death"

Lesson Four: "Because I could not Stop for Death"

Author: Tara Neely

Students should read the poem and complete the reading response journal. Students may hand in a paper copy of the RRJ or they can select to complete a Google Form. 

Students are expected to synthesize the information/meaning they gather from the poem and place those ideas on the graphic organizer located in the Batman Study Guide. 


When looking at Emily Dickinson's poetry be certain to take note of her use of punctuation and capitalization. She uses the rules to convey her meaning even though she isn't truly following the rules of grammar(Strictly speaking). 

As you read Emily's poem, be certain to keep the motifs presented in the other literature in you mind as well. 


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Emily Dickinson's Poem: "Because I could not stop for Death"

Below you will find the poem and the reading questions for the piece that you should use to complete your RRJ.

I suggest summarizing the stanzas, listing the characters and making connections between the two as you read. Be certain to pay attention to the capitalization it is a clue to the personification and meaning of the poem.


Reading Response Journal Google Form

Students may submit either a paper or e-RRJ for this assignment.

Source: created by Tara Neely

RRJ Review/Discussion


Source: Created by Tara Neely