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Lesson on World War II

Lesson on World War II

Author: Laura Morrison

Today's lesson is to inform the students about the war that changed all of the world, World War II. This lesson is geared to high school students in 11th grade. After doing the activities the students should be able to answer a basic who, what, when, why,  how of World War II.

The students will have to watch a video that includes  information about World War II. While watching the video that students must takes notes because they will have a quiz on the material from the video. Once they had completed the quiz each student has to write one question down and bring it to class the next day. After this is complete the students will  watch the video of Franklin Roosevelt declaring war on Japan. The students will then have to write a response to the speech, the response will also have to include one quote from the speech that the students will have to explain. This lesson is geared to teaching the students about a very important war in history, and also having the students really think about why it occured.  

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World War II


War World II was a the war that changed all of the world. It not only changed relationships between countries, but it also showed the true evil human beings can do to one another. Today you will have to watch two different videos. One video will be a summary of WWII, what it was, why it happened, and who were the key players. Once you have completed watching the video you will have to take the short quiz to make sure you understood the important themes.  There will be one other video to watch. It will be President Franklin Roosevelt and will be his Declaration of War against Japan. You will then have to write a short essay on your reaction to the speech. Try to place yourself in that time period and write down how you would feel. You must cite at least one quote from the speech. 

Here is the video about World War II. Please pay close attention to the video and make sure to take some notes! Also write down any questions you may have so we can go over them in class.
Remember Every student must bring in one question to dicuss in class! Also you will have to take a quiz so please take notes!!
Good Luck!

World War II Quiz

Please answer the following questions relating to the World War II video you have already watched. You may look back at the video and use the notes that you took while watching the video. This will count as a quiz grade, Good luck!

Presient Roosevelt Address to the American Public

This a a video from President Roosevelt's speech to the United States of America. While watching it please think about how you would feel watching this at home like millions of Americans did in 1941. In order to try to understand World War II one must place themselves in the time period. Please write a response including how the speech made you feel and one quote and expain the quote in your own words! Type these responses up on a in the Google Form below.

Predisent Roosevelt's speech


You may also use this link to help you pick out a quote from President Roosevelt's speech. It is a written out version on the speech. Please remember to cite your work using MLA format!


Responses to FDR' s Declaration of War on Japan