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Lesson One: Gothic Literature Introduction

Lesson One: Gothic Literature Introduction

Author: Tara Neely
  • At the end of the lesson, students will be able to define and identify the elements of Gothic Romanticism.


  • At the end of the lesson, students will be able to trace a basic outline of the events of Poe’s personal and professional life.

With Lesson One students will view the PowerPoint and take notes in order to understand the basic Gothic Literary Elements and Poe’s contribution to the genre.

Also, Lesson One will review Poe's biographical information along with the linear progress of Poe's writing career.

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Lesson One: Understanding Gothic Literary Elements and Poe’s contribution to the genre.

As you begin your journey into the American Gothic Movement, keep the following questions in mind as you take notes:

  • What is Gothic Literature?

  • How did Edgar Allan Poe contribute to that Gothic genre in the 19th Century?

  • In what ways, can we trace the evolution of Poe's writing career?


Notes Slides

Note PowerPoint on the Gothic Movement in America.


After I have taken notes, I should?

Take the quiz and see what you remember! Try not to look back into your notes or back at the slide show.


Assessment: Informal Activity/Summative:

Are you ready to test your learning?

Each Co-operative Learning Group (CoLP) will evaluate, plan and create a poster/visual representation/original artwork that focuses visually on what the team has learned about the Gothic movement and Edgar Allan Poe.

The only requirements are:

  1. That the size of element/information on the poster/visual representation/original artwork should EQUAL the importance of the element/information to Lesson One's objectives.
  2. That each groups poster/visual representation/original artwork has ten (10) elements.
  3. That each poster/visual representation/original artwork has this handout completed and attached to the back (if possible) or at least handed in.

Posters will be due in two days.

Assessment Lesson One

Assignment form for Lesson One