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lesson planner for earth quakes and volcanoes

lesson planner for earth quakes and volcanoes

Author: zarren kevaan
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Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Date:   28.5.2014                                                                   

Grade: 4

Subject: Geography

Topic:  Earthquakes and Volcanoes            




Can explain the earthquake and its causes.

Can identify different types of earthquakes.

Can understand the focus and Epi center.

Can explain volcanoes and its types .

Can explain the formation of volcanoes in detail.


Build the background knowledge by asking them questions about volcanoes and earthquakes in general and after asking them different questions tell them about the volcanoes by showing them a PowerPoint presentation and a video on volcanoes, volcanic eruption and its types such as Cinder cone, Shield and etc. Explain them earthquakes and its causes.

The whole class will be given equal opportunity to read and express their thoughts and ideas regarding the topic of discussion.





Explain students about the volcanoes.

Tell students about the formation of the volcano.

Tell students about local effects of volcanic eruption.

Tell students about types of the volcanoes like cinder cone, shield and composite volcanoes.

Tell students about Earthquake, seismology, richter Scale and etc.


Video Analysis:

All the students will write 5 lines or a compact summary from the video they have seen in the class.after writing they will share it with the whole class.