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2 Tutorials that teach Lesson Planning Using Essential Learning Questions
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Lesson Planning Using Essential Learning Questions

Lesson Planning Using Essential Learning Questions

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson will provide learners with an overview of creating lesson plans that emphasize essential questions and how those align with assessment.

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Notes on "Lesson Planning Using Essential Learning Questions"


(00:00-00:16) Introduction

(00:17-00:57)Essential Learning Questions Recap

(00:58-02:34) Essential Learning Questions Applied

(02:35-03:02) Reflection

(03:03-03:35) Tips

(03:36-04:06) Conclusion

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All About Writing Essential Questions

This handout provides helpful strategies for crafting essential questions. In addition, example essential questions from many subject areas are provided for your review.

Structure Learning with Essential Questions

In this video, you will learn the qualities of effective questions. You will also learn the impact of beginning a lesson or a unit with a question rather than an objective.