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Lesson Planning Using SAMR

Lesson Planning Using SAMR

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson will provide learners with an overview of creating lesson plans with a focus on Digital Bloom's.

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Notes on "Lesson Planning Using SAMR"


(00:00-00:15) Introduction

(00:16-01:24) SAMR Recap

(01:25-02:52) Application of SAMR

(02:53-04:30) Tips and Strategies for using SAMR

(04:31-04:50) Reflection

(04:51-5:20) Conclusion

Additional Resources

SAMR and TPACK: A Hands-On Approach to Classroom Practice

These slides from a presentation by Dr. Puentedura (the creator of the SAMR model) provide a practical guide to SAMR. In this presentation, the SAMR model is broken down into stages to help you successfully integrate the model into your instructional design and delivery. This is an essential presentation for educators planning on using SAMR in their practice.

SAMR, Learning, and Assessment

These slides from another presentation by Dr. Puentedura provide examples of how SAMR can change instruction, learning, and assessment in the classroom. This presentation clearly aligns TPACK and SAMR.