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2 Tutorials that teach Lesson Planning Using UbD I
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Lesson Planning Using UbD I

Lesson Planning Using UbD I

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson will provide learners with an overview of creating lesson plans using the first and second stages of Understanding by Design - setting learning goals and determining acceptable evidence.

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Notes on "Lesson Planning Using UbD I"


(00:00-00:19) Introduction

(00:20-00:44) UbD Recap

(00:45-03:21) Stage One Application

(03:22-07:33) Stage Two Application

(07:34-07:54) Reflection

(07:55-08:17) Tips

(08:18-08:53) Conclusion

Additional Resources

Sharon Public Schools: UbD Lessons

These lesson plans serve as examples of UbD lessons and units from Sharon Public Schools, MA. You may find these examples useful as you begin to develop your own lessons and units using the UbD template.

University of Chicago Smart Museum: Sample UbD Interdisciplinary Unit on the Chicago Black Renaissance

This is a strong example of a unit designed using UbD.

Montana Institution of Public Instruction: GRASPS Sheet

This UbD planning sheet provides a clear snapshot of GRASPS in performance assessment design. In addition, there is a useful template for you to use as you plan your own assessments.