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2 Tutorials that teach Lesson Planning Using UbD II
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Lesson Planning Using UbD II

Lesson Planning Using UbD II

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson will provide learners with an overview of creating lesson plans using the third stage of Understanding by Design - developing learning activities.

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Notes on "Lesson Planning Using UbD II"


(00:00-00:16) Introduction

(00:17-00:59) UbD Recap

(01:00-05:05) Stage Three Application

(05:06-05:36) Reflection


(05:48-6:18) Conclusion

Additional Resources

UbD in a Nutshell

This handout by Jay McTighe provides a great overview of the components of a UbD plan. This is a terrific tool to be used when planning a UbD lesson or unit.

Overview of UbD & The Design Template

This is Grant Wiggins' UbD lesson plan template that you can use in the planning of your lessons. Included in the template are good and bad examples as well as clear instructions on developing your plan.

Teachers as Technology Trailblazers: Curriculum and Instructional Design

This is a post from teacher Kristen Swanson's blog focuses on curriculum and instructional design with UbD resources. In particular, you may find her units and plans aligned to UbD and CCSS useful as you being to align your curriculum and write your lessons. All resources are included as Google Docs.