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Lesson Planning with Shulman

Lesson Planning with Shulman

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson provides instruction on how to update a lesson plan using the Shulman framework as a model

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21st Century Instructional Practices

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Notes on "Lesson Planning with Shulman"


(00:00-00:15) Introduction

(00:1-00:49) Essential Questions and Reminders

(00:50-01:57) Review of Shulman

(01:58-03:56) Comprehension of Understanding and Transformation in Lesson Planning

(03:57-06:20) Instruction in Lesson Planning

(06:21-07:08) Evaluation and Reflection in Lesson Planning

(07:09-07:42) New Comprehension in Lesson Planning

(07:43-07:55) Reflection

(07:56-8:44) Conclusion 


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21st Century Classrooms Designing and Sharing

This is an easy to follow presentation by Nancy Caramanico that connects Bloom's, TPACK and Marzano in the 21st century classroom. Additionally, Caramanico provides activities for you to check and deepen your understanding of the blending of the three.

Situated Studies of Teaching and Learning: The New Mainstream

In his ISSOTL 2013 key note speech, Lee Shulman speaks about situated teaching and learning. He also talks about professional practice and its importance in the field of education and research. This keynote offers great insights into the thinking and research of Shulman.