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Lesson Planning with TPACK

Lesson Planning with TPACK

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson provides instruction on how to update a lesson plan using the TPACK framework as a model

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Source: Image of TPACK by Lennon, Creative Commons, Image of TPACK writing unit, Katie Hou

Notes on "Lesson Planning with TPACK"


(00:00-00:14) Introduction

(00:15-00:27) Essential Questions and Reminders

(00:28-01:33) TPACK Review

(01:34-03:30) Lesson Planning with TPACK-TK, CK, PK

(03:31-04:55) Lesson Planning with TPACK- TCK, PCK, TPK, TPACK

(04:56-05:21) Why TPACK is a useful framework for lesson planning

(05:22-04:34) Reflection

(05:35-05:59) Conclusion 

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