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Lesson Planning with TPACK

Lesson Planning with TPACK

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson provides instruction on how to update a lesson plan using the TPACK framework as a model

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Source: Image of TPACK by Lennon, Creative Commons, Image of TPACK writing unit, Katie Hou

Notes on "Lesson Planning with TPACK"


(00:00-00:14) Introduction

(00:15-00:27) Essential Questions and Reminders

(00:28-01:33) TPACK Review

(01:34-03:30) Lesson Planning with TPACK-TK, CK, PK

(03:31-04:55) Lesson Planning with TPACK- TCK, PCK, TPK, TPACK

(04:56-05:21) Why TPACK is a useful framework for lesson planning

(05:22-04:34) Reflection

(05:35-05:59) Conclusion 

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Using TPACK to Support Classroom Teachers

This wiki from North Carolina Public Schools provides a full training on how to use TPACK to support instruction. This training includes easy to follow presentations and activities that you can review and complete as you learn how to incorporate technology into your pedagogical and instructional strategies.

The Practitioner's Guide to TPACK

This site offers elementary and secondary case studies illustrating the implementation of TPACK in the elementary and secondary classrooms. The purpose of the case studies is to support teachers in the effective integration of technology into teaching and learning.