Lessons from the Farmers Market

Lessons from the Farmers Market

Author: Katie Smith

Our purpose is to inspire creativity and provide some tips and insight on how to think outside the box when creating packets for Sophia.

Slideshows, videos, text -- this packet has it all! Oodles of ideas abound to help spark your imagination.

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Introduction to Psychology

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Getting Started!

A few ideas on how to "get up and go!"

Talk About Geography!!!

Could you use your local farmers' market to make a packet talking about Geography? YES! Here are some ideas to get you started!

Or English!

Never gonna be a writer? Still gots to no how to right!

And Commerce, Too!

Brought to you by...

This packet was brought to you by Marble, Emma and Katie, who wish to extend a special thank-you to the following people, groups or organizations:

The Minneapolis Farmers' Market on Nicolette Mall. 

All the vendors who let us photograph or video their products and even their transactions! 

The customers who participated in our videos.

The guy from San Diego.