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Let's Find Our Favorite Author

Let's Find Our Favorite Author

Author: Penny Setser

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to perform an author search using Destiny, our online catalog, in order to determine the titles within our collection of three popular children's authors.

Students will utilize the online catalog, Destiny, to determine which titles of popular children's authors we carry in our school library collection. Students will perform 3 author searches from a list and then determine our holdings on an author of their choice. How many books do we carry? The extended session will help them identify the location of the book. Parents are invited to browse our collection at home as well.

1. Navigate to:

2.Exit Destiny Quest and Click on Library Search

3. Type in the names of 3 favorite authors (Seuss, Carle, Brett)

4. How many titles do we carry written by these authors?

5. Type in the name of another author. Do we carry books written by this author? If so, how many?

6. What is the reading level of the book?

7. Can you determine where it is located?



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Performing An Author Search Using Destiny

Destiny, our online catalog, allows students to search by keyword, title, and author. Students will execute an author search locating books written by at least three popular children's authors.

Basic Search Skills using Destiny

Learn how to perform various searches using Destiny, the online catalog for BCPS schools.


Source: Follett Software