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Let's flip Heritage!  Introduction

Let's flip Heritage! Introduction

Author: Dorothy Rich

To explore fliiping the classroom and blended learning.

Students will watch a video to get an idea og the basic concept of flipping. They will follow a short Prezi and then give their thoughts before the workshop begins.

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Start Here!

Welcome! I am very excited about our workshop this week! This site is SOPHIA one of the ways I get information to my students on a regular basis. We will be exploring this and several other methods to differentiate learning for your students.

This is just a chance to get an idea of what "flipping" is before we begin Wednesday morning. Scroll down to watch the video, then the Prezi. Answer the two questions then take the short "pop quiz". And no, it doesn't count for a grade! Can't wait to see you!

Source: Dorothy Rich

Required Video

Sams and Bergman Flipped classrooms on Youtube. If you have trouble viewing go to Or go to youtube and type in "Flipped classroom and Video as Homework".

Source: Sams and Bergman Flipped classrooms on Youtube

My Flipped Classroom by Crystal Kirch

Crystal Kirch flips her math classes. I have learned a lot from her. Here is her Prezi describing her flip journey. If you haven't used a Prezi before just use the arrows to navigate and read. Push the full screen button if you are having trouble reading it.

Source: Crystal Kirch with Prezi

Respond and Share!

Source: Google form by Dorothy Rich