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Let's Get to Know the 4 Seasons!

Let's Get to Know the 4 Seasons!

Author: tori parshley

Students will be able to build a depiction of each season using story starters and show seasons chronologically using Lego Movie Maker. 

Standard Alignment: K.E.1.3 Compare weather patterns that occur from season to season. 

LEGO StoryStarter is a great way to energize your students about writing. Instead of using an ordinary piece of paper, students can build their ideas, thoughts, and stories using LEGOs. Their imagination comes to life! Using LEGO Movie Maker with this allows students to film their models and create their own personal stop-motion movie. Adding filters, music, and narration enhances their imagination and provides a wonderful gateway to teach a variety of content areas. 

In this specific tutorial students will use LEGO StoryStarter kits to build the four seasons. They are to place the seasons in correct order and using LEGO Movie Maker create a stop-motion picture in order for the teacher to pre-assess the students' knowledge about the seasons and the cycle of ordering of them. 


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Student Information

Over the next couple of days in class, we will be discovering all the aspects the different seasons. We all know that their are four seasons in a year, because we sing our season song everyday, but do you know what type of weather occurs in each season? Do you know what order the seasons come in? Let's find out! Follow the instructions below to create the seasons using your LEGO StoryStarter Kit and then make a really cool video using your LEGO Movie Maker app on your iPad! 

Student Directions

1. Select four grey base plates from your LEGO StoryStarter kit. 

2. Build each season on each grey base plate. You can start with whatever season you would like, but make sure to build all four on separate base plates. 

3. Use the LEGO pieces in a way that best illustrates what each season looks like. 

4. Once you have created all four seasons, get out your iPad because it is time to make a movie! 

5. Using your LEGO Movie Maker app that we downloaded in class start to make your movie! 

6. Once in LEGO movie, and select “Make a Movie.”

7. Choose a frame for your movie from the option on the right hand side.

8. Then click on the box that says “My Movie” to change the title of your movie. Then select “done.”

9. Once you have selected your frame and added your title, hit “done.”

10. Review the instructions on the “How to Use” page and select “start.”

11. Now take a picture of each of the base plates, or the different seasons. You should start with winter, to spring, to summer, and then fall.

12. Once you have taken all of the pictures in the proper order, hit “done.”

13. Now you can play around with different settings. You can delete or add a new frame, add movie or different effects, and adjust the speed.

14. Once all you have you are happy with your video, hit save and you’re done!

15. For further information on how to use LEGO Movie Maker check out the tutorial below and check out the example I made! Have fun making your movies! 


LEGO Movie Maker Tutorial

This walks you through step-by-step instructions on how to create a LEGO Movie!

4 Seasons Example LEGO Video

Check out the video I made to help you get some ideas for your LEGO Movie!

Scoring Criteria

Your video will be given a completion grade. This activity is a pre-assessment so that I can determine what our class still needs to learn about the four seasons.