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Let's learn about the Periodic Table

Let's learn about the Periodic Table

Author: Deanne Barnett

Students will be introduced to the periodic table along with all of it's pieces and parts.

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Part 1: History of the Periodic Table

Was the periodic table designed in a day

Of course not way too much information, so let's look at how it was done

1. Your first task is to research and find out information about who designed the periodic table and how.  You may use the following sites to help you on your task.


2. Getting to know your periodic table

You can use your book or to help you answer the questions



Source: Western Oregon University, A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF PERIODIC TABLE. 1997 . 22 Feb 2013

Part 2: Organization of the Periodic Table

Your class will be split into groups and you will research one of the groups on the periodic table.  Use the sites below to help you learn about your group/family.

Group 1A
Information about the Group 1A Elements.

Group 2A
Information about the Group 2A Elements.

Information about metals along with nonmetals and metalloids.

Information about metalloids.

Information about nonmetals.

Group 7A
Information about the Group 7A Elements.

Group 8A
Information about the Group 8A Elements.

Information about the lanthanides.

Information about the actinides.


Source: Amber Andrewlevich "The History of the Periodic Table of Elements", 22 Feb 2013

Part 3: Element Project

Sites you can use to research your element...