Let's Listen Better

Let's Listen Better

Author: Rachelle Wooten

In this lesson, students will learn ways to improve their listening skills.  As a result, they can improve their grades and have better relationships with friends and family.  

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TED Talk: Julian Treasure "5 Ways to Listen Better"

Watch this video and note the 5 ways Julian Treasure suggests you can listen better.

Source: TED Talk

Listening lecture slides

Review the slideshow and complete the accompanying notes.

Source: coachingspeech.com

Listening lecture notes

Complete these notes using the Listening lecture slides.

Full Screen

Source: coachingspeech.com

Closure: What have you learned?

1.  What did you learn about listening from this lesson?

2.  What did you learn about yourself as a listener from this lesson?

3.  What specific strategy will you work on to improve your listening skills?