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Let's Practice: Grammar Part I

Let's Practice: Grammar Part I

Author: Sophia Tutorial

Practice the concepts you learned in Course 2 of the Pharmacy Spanish program.

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Practice Activity 1

Fill in the blanks with the correct definite article (correct form of "the").

Listen to the corresponding audio for the correct answers. If you prefer, you can use a pen and paper or a notes/document app to write your answers down as you go.

Terms Definite Articles
1. ____ recetas
2. ____ medicamentos
3. ____ farmacia
4. ____ dinero
a. el
b. la
c. los
d. las

Practice Activity 2

Match each part of speech to a Spanish example of it.

You may work through this on your own first and then listen to the audio, or you can do the activity with the corresponding audio.

Part of Speech Example
1. sustantivo (noun)
2. artículo definido (definite article)
3. artículo indefinido (indefinite article)
4. adjetivo descriptivo (descriptive adjective)
5. adjetivo de cantidad (quantitative adjective)
6. pronombre (pronoun)
7. adjetivo posesivo (possessive adjective)
a. una
b. inteligente
c. usted
d. pocos
e. mis
f. los
g. chico


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Source: This content has been adapted from "Pharmacy Spanish" by Stephanie Langston.