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Let's Practice: Vocabulary Part I

Let's Practice: Vocabulary Part I

Author: Sophia Tutorial

Practice the concepts you learned in Course 5 of the Pharmacy Spanish program.

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Practice Activity 1

Match each Spanish word to its picture.

When you are ready, listen to the audio for the answers.

Image Term
1. File:11050-Course 5 Practice Image 1.png a. la leche
2. File:11051-Course 5 Practice Image 2.png b. el teléfono
3. File:11052-Course 5 Image 3.png c. el envase
4. File:11053-Course 5 Image 4.png d. el baño

Practice Activity 2

Complete the name of each symptom on the left using a word/phrase from the right column.

You can do this activity with the audio file, which gives the answers one at a time, or you can do the entire activity on your own and then listen to the audio in order to hear the correct answers.

Symptom Part 1 Symptom Part 2
1. dificultad a. de atleta
2. dolor b. de sol
3. poco c. en respirar
4. una quemadura d. apetito
5. el pie e. de cabeza
6. la visión f. arterial
7. el trastorno de hiperactividad g. del corazón
8. una tos h. y un déficit de atención
9. alta presión i. nublada
10. una condición j. ferina

Source: This content has been adapted from "Pharmacy Spanish" by Stephanie Langston.