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Let's Practice: Vocabulary Part II

Let's Practice: Vocabulary Part II

Author: Sophia Tutorial

Practice the concepts you learned in Course 6 of the Pharmacy Spanish program.

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Practice Activity 1

Identify each over-the-counter item.

Listen to the audio, as it will prompt you and give you the correct answers as you go.

OTC Items
1. File:11055-Course 6 Practice Image 1.png 6. File:11056-Course 6 Practice Image 6.png
2. File:11057-Course 6 Practice Image 2.png 7. File:11058-Course 6 Practice Image 7.png
3. File:11059-Course 6 Practice Image 3.png 8. File:11060-Course 6 Practice Image 8.png
4. File:11061-Course 6 Practice Image 4.png 9. File:11062-Course 6 Practice Image 9.png
5. File:11063-Course 6 Practice Image 5.png 10. File:11064-Course 6 Practice Image 10.png

Practice Activity 2

Identify the following over-the-counter products from the options given.

Listen to the audio to hear the correct answers.

OTC Product English Translation
1. los esteroides a. bandages
b. creams
c. steroids
2. el aceite a. lozenge
b. oil
c. syrup
3. una pomada a. cream
b. syrup
c. bandage
4. una medicina somnífera a. lozenge
b. sleeping pill
c. ointment

Practice Activity 3

Put the following directions for use into the correct order.

Listen to the audio, as it will prompt you and give you the correct answers as you go.

una cucharada para la tos cada ocho horas tome

Directions: __________________________________________________.

dos veces al día tome una tableta para la infección

Directions: __________________________________________________.

tome con comida si las necesite para el dolor dos tabletas

Directions: __________________________________________________.

una vez al día una píldora tome hasta que no haya más

Directions: __________________________________________________.

Practice Activity 4

Translate the following directions for use into Spanish.

You can write on a piece of paper or type into a document/text app, then check your answer afterwards with the audio file. Scroll down to see the answers in text below the activity.

  1. Take one tablet three times a day until gone. If you skip a dose, take it as soon as you remember.

  2. Clean and dry the affected area. Apply sparingly three times a day or as directed by your doctor. Cover the affected area with a bandage. External use only.

  3. Take two teaspoons every six hours as needed for cough. Avoid alcohol while taking this medicine. Don’t drive while taking this medicine.

  4. Tilt head to the side. Apply 2 drops to left ear as needed for pain. Close tightly after each use.


  1. Tome una tableta tres veces al día hasta que no hay más. Si usted omite una dosis, tómela en cuanto se acuerde.

  2. Límpiase y sécase la area afectada. Aplique una pequeña cantidad tres veces al día o como dirigido por su doctor. Cubra la area afectada con un vendaje. Para uso externo solo.

  3. Tome dos cucharitas cada seis horas como la necesite para la tos. Evite usted el alcohol mientras que está tomando esta medicina. No conduzca mientras que está tomando esta medicina.

  4. Incline la cabeza al lado. Aplique dos gotas a la oreja izquierda como la necesite para el dolor. Cierre bien después de cada uso.

Source: This content has been adapted from "Pharmacy Spanish" by Stephanie Langston.