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Author: Peggy Welch

To differentiate among the 5 types of leukocytes.

Students will choose the correct leukocyte by its description.

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Leukocytes are divided into 2 groups according to the ability of their cytoplasm granules to absorb dye.


  All end in "phil"     Granny likes Phil

Basophil  - least common, release histamines, lg. puplish granules

  Eosinophil- Bilobed  red nucleus, Digest parasitic worms                                               

  Neutrophils -  Most numerous, Multilobed nucleus, Release histamines



Agranulocytes     Cytoplasmic granules do not "appear" to absorb dye

LM     LAM

Lymphocyte - Lg. circular nucleus, Immune response, T (direct cell and viruses)   B -antibodies


Monocyte - largest in size, differentiate into Macrophages in tissues, attack bacteria (chronic infections)





Source: Pearson, Anatomy & Physiology, Marieb