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Level 12: Solutions

Level 12: Solutions

Author: Tammy Keilman

-Understand what a solution is made of and how its concentration can vary
-Use the concept of molarity as a measure of concentration in a variety of problems

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1. Complete Solutions Worksheet #1 
2. Complete the Acid/Base Virtual Titration Lab in class
3.Complete Solutions Worksheet #2 in preparation for Solutions Quiz
4. Take the practice quiz at the top right hand side of this tutorial to assess your understanding of the topic

Solutions Practice #1

Complete the practice problems in preparation for the classroom quiz the next day.

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Virtual Titration Lab

Complete the Titration Lab by following the directions on the document. Turn in the Lab Worksheet when finished and begin working on Solutions #2.

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Solutions #2

Complete the worksheet practice problems in preparation for Solutiions Quiz #2 the next day. Don't forget to take the practice quiz at the top right hand side of this tutorial Web page.

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