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Level Five - Create a Sophia Tutorial

Level Five - Create a Sophia Tutorial

Author: Susan Ross
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Sophia is a free education platform that allows teachers to easily create online activities which can be used in a flipped classroom on blended environment. Using Sophia is easy and free. The tutorials below will help you get started.


Flipped/Blended Project - determine your topic topic and gather your resources. Use Sophia to create an instructional activity for your students to use if you were “Flipping your classroom.” Include a WSQ and an explanation of how you would use the WSQ and what would happen the next day in class. 

  1. Pick a lesson that is easy to explain and deliver. Focus on something you are familiar with. 
  2. Find videos to help explain your concept or create a screen cast using Jing or create a Voice Thread. Your videos should be no more than 5 - 8 minutes long. 
  3. Look for other material such as websites, PDF files, audio, Powerpoint files or images to help explain your content 
  4. Use Sophia to organize your material for students. You can add text, images, audio, video, PDF, PowerPoint, and embed HTML 
  5. Include a WSQ using Google Forms and embed it into your Sophia tutorial. 

What's a WSQ?

There are many ways you can use the WSQ in your class. There definitely isn't "one right way"! What happens after the students watch the video and complete their WSQ?

  • Students come prepared with the video watched and WSQ completed. If not, they must use a classroom computer to do it at the beginning of class.
  • Students are given opportunities to discuss their summaries and the key points of the lesson, practicing expressing math content in their own words and using math vocabulary in context.
  • Students are given opportunities to ask questions about the lesson and get them answered in detail during class.
  • Students are given opportunities to think critically about the lesson and pose questions to their classmates that will require deep thinking and making connections to other material.
  • Students are given opportunities to practice working out problems with the support of their classmates and myself to guide them when questions or problems arise.
  • Students are given opportunities to prove their mastery of concepts via concept quizzes that are taken when they feel they are ready.

Now class time can be made meaningful and purposeful, where students have the opportunity to make meaning of the material and make connections to other content in an environment with the support of the teacher and other classmates, understand the concepts at a deeper level through practice, answering and posing questions, or explaining problems/solutions to others, and receive one-on-one support and explanation from the teacher or other student "experts" when needed. Using the WSQ is somewhat structured and holds students accountable for their work and learning.

How a Teacher Uses a WSQ


Samples of Sophia Tutorials created by past students
Catherine - Rowing
Aliccia - Parts of a Story
Sarah - Nouns
Melissa - Adding Fractions 
Alexandra - Solar System
Jessica - Foil Method

Submitting Your Assignment in Edmodo

  1. Provide the link to your Sophia Tutorial to your assignment in Edmodo. Remember that you must publish your tutorial in order to get the link for it. 
  2. You must also provide a description of how you would use your WSQ to determine what you would do in the classroom with students the next day in class.